HighCharts 热力图的颜色单独设置series.heatmap.data

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  1. An array of arrays with 3 or 2 values. In this case, the values correspond to x,y,value. If the first value is a string, it is applied as the name of the point, and the x value is inferred. The x value can also be omitted, in which case the inner arrays should be of length 2. Then the x value is automatically calculated, either starting at 0 and incremented by 1, or from pointStart and pointIntervalgiven in the series options.

    data: [
        [0, 9, 7],
        [1, 10, 4],
        [2, 6, 3]
  2. An array of objects with named values. The objects are point configuration objects as seen below. If the total number of data points exceeds the series' turboThreshold, this option is not available.

    data: [{
        x: 1,
        y: 3,
        value: 10,
        name: "Point2",
        color: "#00FF00"
    }, {
        x: 1,
        y: 7,
        value: 10,
        name: "Point1",
        color: "#FF00FF"